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About your personal VICTUGEN genetic testing report

VICTUGEN DNA testing is designed to make comprehensive report of your true genes which are related to metabolism in your body. In your report you will find an overview of the variations in your genes related to sport and nutrition and what impact they have on you. The report provides guidance on how you should exercise.  It also advises about the distribution of carbohydrates, protein and fat in your diet, whether you want to achieve enhanced wellbeing, or reduce or maintain your weight.


Implementing the changes which you need to address according to your gene variations, will significantly improve your success rate to achieve your goal. Your knowledge about your diet and exercise genes is thus crucial for choosing what is best for your body. The more variations you got in your genes, probably the less healthy you are and the more you will recognize yourself in the report that we provide you. Therefore, the impact of your effort will be greater if you act according to your personalized guide.


We also do believe that prevention is better than cure.  Knowing the deficits and variations in your genes might help you to set a personalized life style which will prevent many health problems in future. For example, knowing your child’s gene variations which makes him/her in the category of high risk for obesity or diabetes will help you to already train your loved one in early ages to eat and exercise accordingly to maintain the health in life later.

In your gene results, you can find valuable information on how to reach your goal but we recommend that you consult your healthcare professional and dietician to advise you more accurately about your approach.



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