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Learn the true meaning of your genes

Obesity is a major health problem worldwide and is associated with risk of developing many chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, hormonal imbalance and infertility.


Your VICTUGEN test basically works by checking your genetic variants (called snips/SNPs).  These genetic variants are controlling some metabolic factors in your body and are significantly correlated to your health.  Detecting these genetic variations helps us to distinguish what your genes say, what is the ideal diet and fitness for you.  Then we can give you the most relevant lifestyle advice.


Lose, gain or maintain your weight is dependent on few important factors: genetic, environment, and behavior. Your genetic variations are fixed but have the greatest impact which by knowing those and educating yourself, you may adopt your environment and behavior to stay healthy or become healthier.


Not everyone will lose weight by hard work out and it can be that you will even gain after intensive sport. For example, knowing the type of muscles that you have genetically, can help you to set a personalized sport regimen that fits your body specifically.


There is no doubt that genetic variations are correlated with obesity and metabolism differences between the individuals.  Therefore, by developing a healthy diet and increasing physical activity according to your genetics you can reduce body weight and improve metabolic health.

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