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Analyzing the genes involved in sport and exercise 


Several numbers of genes are elaborating together to make contribution to athletic performance in individuals. It is also clear that genetic factors play major role in determining athletic ability.

In this part, we check several genes which tell us what type of muscles you have and what would be the ability of your body for power athletic sports or stretching exercises. We are also testing your genes to know how prone you are to have muscular damage during the exercise and what would be the prognosis of the recovery period if the damage occurs.

Your genetic defines the type of muscle fibers in your body which can be either slow or fast twitch or the combination of both. This will help you/your child to choose the ideal sport to avoid the consequences and benefit the most from sport in life.

Can you become an endurance/power athlete or not?  What would be the possibility of muscle injuries after performing stretching exercises and how long can be the recovery time? These questions can be answered after analyzing your genes for sport.

Muscle type (ACTN3)

Endurance or Sprinter? Your physical performance and muscles type are associated with your genetic.

Muscle injury gene (ELN)

ELN gene is responsible for forming elastin which is an important component in tendons and ligaments. Variation in this gene can predict the susceptibility for severity of the injury during sport.

Muscle recovery gene (IGFII)

IGF2 gene is proven to predict the frequency and level of muscle injury in professional sportsmen such as soccer players.

Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme (ACE)

Variations in the ACE gene is associated with higher potential for becoming an endurance athlete or a power athlete.

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